I take my camera everywhere and look for the unusual and candid in everyday things and settings.

I bought my first camera when I was 17, with my first 6 months wages - an Olympus OM10. My early love was film photography. For that reason, I attempt to carry out all manipulation 'in camera' before taking a shot.

I have shown my work at exhibitions, most recently at Clyde & Co., Guildford. I was invited by Guildford Arts to be part of their March 2018 exhibition. My work was exhibited alongside 8 other artists. I thoroughly enjoyed it - a very successful event.

Limited run prints are available for sale through this website - please look at Gallery section - 'Clyde & Co. Exhibition' for more information.

When not planning my next project, I enjoy walking my dog, Dave. With my camera....just in case!

Please contact me through this site, or my Facebook page (Mandy Millyard Photography). I also have an Instagram account - mandym.photos. I would love to read your feedback, or answer any questions you may have.
Mandy Millyard